UNIQTOUSis a brand that offers genderless accessories using Uwajima pearls.


he pearls are carefully nurtured in the magnificent nature of Uwajima, located in the south of Ehime Prefecture.

Ehime Prefecture ranks first in the production of cultured pearls in Japan. Akoya pearls cultivated in the rich sea have long attracted people with their clear, elegant luster.

UNIQTOUS proposes casual and genderless accessories that allow a wide range of people to wear high quality pearls from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture.

Our concept is "Beyond the border"

We hope that pearls born in the rich nature of Uwajima will cross the sea and reach people of various personalities throughout Japan and the world.

Pearls have long been a necessity for weddings and funerals, and have been used mainly as women's accessories.

UNIQTOUS will create a culture of wearing pearls so that pearls will become a fashion item loved by people of all genders and for all occasions in modern daily life.

Please allow 4 weeks from order to delivery for UNIQTOUS pearl necklaces, as each piece is carefully handmade.